💥Relieve QL Pain and Tightness!

💥Relieve QL Pain and Tightness!💥…(Swipe Left!)

👉🏼Back to the ol’ QL muscle. When dealing with low back pain, most of us are searching for that one muscle that’s causing all of the discomfort. Over the years, the QL has become a popular culprit.

🤓This muscle assists in bending to your side, extending your back, and keeping the 12th rib secure during breathing. It does have several attachments to your lumbar spine, and like any muscle, can become tight and sore to the touch. Often these things happen as a compensation, or your body trying to protect/limit motion when pain is present.

👍🏽So how do we deal with QL issues? Soft tissue work is commonly used, and can definitely be helpful to jump start the optimization process. But I also want to highlight a few targeted stretches and exercises for the QL.

🔑Stretching and releasing without any follow up muscle retraining is only addressing half of the issue. Getting out of pain is not the only goal. We also want to optimize how you are moving so you get long-term relief.

Note: All of these you can do on both sides. With the hikes and plank touches- both sides are working, just on different ways.

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⚠️Disclaimer: this is for knowledge basis only; not medical advice; if you have pain or functional limitations, see a medical professional

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